SHOW 4/X IN 2019 // my fair lady


i recently saw my fair lady for the first time. i'm going to be honest, i have never seen the film. i swear, i will!! but i have not yet. so going into it, i only knew some of the songs from the musical theatre piano bar i frequent, marie's crisis. so! going into this i knew very little. it had a lot of ongoing bits, particularly with the male lead (I would do x BUT...etc), that i didn't really car for. but overall, i was quite happy with the ending and the production was awesome. such an incredible set. it was i believe my fist show at lincoln center and the stage was HUGE and incredible. anyway, not my best review here. feel like i don't have much to say about this show, ha. 
look at this cute little KH crew! my girlfriend kirstyn and i in the middle with her little sisters on our sides. all k names. 
shows in 2019 so far: 4 (2 and 3 were, predictably, cursed child again) 

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