PRIMETIME: what i'm watching weekly

21:58 television. i have for years. it started with my love of gilmore girls when i was about nine and since then, it has become my second favourite form of storytelling, shortly after reading. i just love how much story you can tell over the course of a television series. you get to spend so much time with characters you love and get to see them through so many years, if all goes well. it's also such an interesting reflection of the time it was made. fun fact: i wrote a paper in uni called 'the primetime aftershock: television as the public sphere in a post-9/11 america.' 

i'm definitely more of a week-by-week viewer, than a binge watcher (though i have been known to do that, as well, but i prefer binge re-watching things). i've got to admit that there haven't been as many shows that have captured my attention in recent years, but every so often a few things real me in. so today, i thought i'd share what i am currently watching each week on television (hulu). 

GOOD TROUBLE i watched the fosters from the very first episode. it was very dramatic and often not-too-believable, but it was a great show. two lesbian moms? yes, please. it lots of queer representation, tackled tons of issues facing marginalised groups, shed a great light on the reform needed in the foster system, and so much more. the ending of that show left me with a lot of question marks over my head, but i'm a sucker for a spin-off, so here we are. good trouble is the story of callie, the main character from the fosters, and her sister mariana. callie is fresh out of ucsd law school, clerking for a very conservative judge and trying to hold her own against the other ivy-league clerks. mariana is working at a tech start-up, dealing with the worst tech-bros and being treated like trash but paid incredibly well. as in the fosters, both women are making terrible decisions and doing incredibly frustrating things weekly. it's infuriating. but the drama! i can't look away. 

THE ROOKIE i've been a fan of nathan fillion since his firefly days. his show castle with stana katic is one of my favourite shows ever and i miss the charm he brings to the screen. so cut to a couple of months ago, i find out he has a new show that isn't about zombies (his last show was about zombies, i'm pretty sure), so of course i have to give it a go. the rookie follows three rookies to the la police department, one of them being nathan fillion. he has recently sent his son off to college and gone through a divorce and needs a life change, so a bit late in life, he enters the police force. so, like castle, it's a procedural police drama, which is sort of my shit. he's got his classic goofiness and warmth, but also feels a bit more grounded than richard castle. it's a pretty stressful show, with lots of intense shooting scenes and the like. but i'm digging it. lots of great leading women, interested to see where it goes. 

HOW TO GET AWAY WITH MURDER i've been watching this one since the pilot, due to my love of viola davis (and alfred enoch initially too). this season feels like the weakest one so far and i find myself not really paying attention, to be honest, but annalise keating such a dynamic, interesting character, so i will stay with her till the end. 

and that's all, for now! that's all i'm watching week-to-week

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