If you're interested on working with me via my social media platforms, here are some of the ways we can collaborate: 

  • Featuring a brand, product, or experience on YouTube, Instagram, InstaStories, or Twitter. We can work together on a full video, a mention, giveaway or other 
  • Press trips, film screenings or other entertainment, fashion or food related events to share on my social media platforms.
  • I can host interviews with authors or actors, panels or workshops about YouTube, online book content, creating a brand online and a variety of other topics.
Feel free to reach out with alternative suggestions! 


I give talks, can moderate panels or appear on panels on a variety of topics and am also available to host interviews and other publishing or creative events. See previous events on the right. Topics I can speak on include:
  • Growing up publicly online and building online communities
  • Working with brands and publishers as an online creator
  • Developing your personal brand online and transparency
  • Being a book influencer
  • Coming out online and being a part of the LGBTQIA+ community
  • Transferable skills from social media to a career
  • Balancing work and personal projects
And more! Please be in touch if you think I'd be the right fit for your event.


​Below are the freelance services that I can provide: 
  • Social media consultation
  • Influencer outreach consultancy and services
  • Public speaking, panel moderating, interview hosting for events.
  • Lifestyle and Instagram photography.
  • Publicist services: Press release writing, pitching and travel booking. 

For additional questions, fees, or anything else, feel free to contact me at

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