my fair lady

SHOW 4/X IN 2019 // my fair lady


i recently saw my fair lady for the first time. i'm going to be honest, i have never seen the film. i swear, i will!! but i have not yet. so going into it, i only knew some of the songs from the musical theatre piano bar i frequent, marie's crisis. so! going into this i knew very little. it had a lot of ongoing bits, particularly with the male lead (I would do x BUT...etc), that i didn't really car for. but overall, i was quite happy with the ending and the production was awesome. such an incredible set. it was i believe my fist show at lincoln center and the stage was HUGE and incredible. anyway, not my best review here. feel like i don't have much to say about this show, ha. 
look at this cute little KH crew! my girlfriend kirstyn and i in the middle with her little sisters on our sides. all k names. 
shows in 2019 so far: 4 (2 and 3 were, predictably, cursed child again) 


valentine's day craft night


last saturday (2/8), our friend marilyn invited kirstyn and i to a valentine's day themed craft night at her apartment. it was lovely. we made sugar scrubs and soap and she took these cute lil pics of us! it was a grand old time. 10/10 would recommend.

book review

WHAT I'VE READ // midnight at the electric by jodi lynn anderson


midnight at the electric was a really quiet story that, to my surprise, had very little to do with space. in fact, i'd almost relate it more to something like the night circus. it's told across three different timelines, though letters, in an epistolary format. each timeline had a very different stakes and dynamics and i have no idea what genre i'd call it? it's mostly set in the past (1919, 1934), then with a futuristic story about a girl about to move to mars in historical fiction? sci fi? 

anyway, i loved tiger lily by jodi lynn anderson when i read it years ago and this had the same atmospheric, lyrical quality to it. big fan! i understand i haven't given you much to go on here, but i didn't really know much going in, so it may be better that way. or you can read the goodreads description. you do you. if you've been debating picking it up, or want something just very different to add to your tbr, i recommend. 

books read in 2019: 3


disneyland trip recap & haul


this blog didn't exist in september, so i'm not late posting this video that i uploaded then and only just made live this evening! oops. it's probably mostly outdated, but it's just my girlfriend and i talking about our trip to disneyland last year. we're so cute you can maybe almost forgive me for how painfully late it is, right? great, thanks. enjoy!


SHOW 1/X IN 2019 // waitress


i am going to be honest with you here, i did not like waitress. i did love gavin creel and sara barellies, but this show was definitely not for me. it's complete over-simplification of abuse was what made me go from being pretty apathetic towards the show (it's cute, i guess), to really disliking. i'm not going to ~give anything away~ but it was just frustrating. and it was a little too campy/goofy in a way that wasn't for me! but loads of people love it and sara writes wonderful music, but you didn't need me to tell you that. 

first show of 2019! i've seen four since (five if you count both parts of cursed child for the eighth time). i also plan to talk about a couple of others i saw at the end of last year, so stay tuned for my little reviews. if you're looking for a full breakdown of them all, i have little to offer, but i can give you my thoughts! 

it's addictive the minute you let yourself think
the things that i say just might matter to someone
all of this time i've been keeping my mind on the running away
and for the first time i think i'd consider the stay


WHAT I WORE // saturday in soho


 blazer: thrifted // turtleneck: kirstyn's // jeans: everlane // bag: angela roi // shoes: reebok

hello hello i am terrible at taking outfit photos but i am going to do my best to take more for this blog!! here is what i wore over the weekend when my best friend kassie came up from dc before we hid from the cold in the wing, soho. she's a business casual babe, my pals. 
photos by kirstyn and my best friend, kassie king

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