Below are some examples of YouTube and Instagram collaborations I've done in the past couples of years. Feel free to contact me with more questions. 

In 2018, I partnered with Disney Book Group for the release of Ship It by Britta Lundin. I shared my history with fandom and talked about how fascinating fan culture can be.

In 2018, I partnered with Playster to promote their app in a Current Favourites video, which is a great video tool that allows me to feature brands and products I've been loving. 

In 2017, I collaborated with Great Western Railways on their #ImmerseYourself campaign. I vlogged my trip to Bristol for the day, hid tickets in bookshops across the city, and also posted an Instagram from the day. 

I've worked with Film14 a couple of times to encourage authors and publishers to partner with them to create cinematic book trailers, and encourage readers to experience and share their content. 

These are some examples of Instagram collaborations I have done with Olived Clothing/Avesso Apparel (2017, top) and MVMT Watches (2018, right). I never accept brand collaborations that would not appear organic on my Instagram feed. It is important to me and my followers that I remain transparent and authentic across all platforms.

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